Advanced Blooket Tips: Hidden Features Every Game Creator Should Know

Blooket offers a robust game builder, but even experienced creators may not know some of its advanced features. This guide reveals hidden tips and tricks to level up your custom Blooket games.

Whether you’re new to game building or a seasoned veteran, these pro tips will enable you to make the most of the platform’s customizable power.

Advanced Blooket Tips: Hidden Features Every Game Creator Should Know

Custom Game Settings

Dive into the settings menu when building a game to unlock options:

Player Modes

  • Solo - Players compete individually
  • Teams - Assign players to teams for collaborative play
  • Versus - Make games 1v1 or pitched battles between teams

Win Conditions

  • Most points - Highest score wins
  • Last standing - Eliminate players until one remains
  • Destroy enemy tower - For tower defense games
  • Reach the summit - Climbing games

Access Controls

  • Password protect lobbies
  • Limit game visibility
  • Restrict Blooekt join features
  • Disable guest play
  • Set player caps

Gameplay Options

  • Number of rounds
  • Timer length per question
  • Idle player kick timeout
  • Allow powerups
  • Enable mini-games between rounds
  • Alter point values

Maximize engagement by tailoring settings to your needs.

Importing Questions

Manually entering questions is time-consuming. Import questions from sources like:

  • Excel or CSV files of pre-made questions lists
  • Word or text documents
  • Google Forms quizzes
  • Third party apps like Quizizz, Quizlet, or Kahoot

This allows rapid bulk uploading. Just format questions to match Blooket’s fields and import away!

Advanced Question Options

Additional question features include:


Add text explanations that appear after wrong answers to reinforce learning.

HTML embedding

Embed rich media like YouTube videos, images, gifs and more using HTML tags in questions.

Math equations

Write math formulas using LaTeX formatting which renders them properly.


Randomly shuffle the order of answers displayed to prevent repeat memorization.

Reveal answer Masking

Mask the correct answer and selectively reveal it after a time delay.

Take full advantage of multimedia enriching questions.

Special Game Elements

Unique items to spice up games:


Apply fun power-ups to questions like extra time, hint reveals, point multipliers and answer immunity.


Guide players through different doors containing monsters, prizes, or challenges.


Set score minimums each round that players must exceed to advance.


Randomly generate chests with hidden rewards, point penalties, or challenge rounds.


Insert mini-game rounds between questions for sudden death, shooters, typing races or spot the difference.

Keep learners on their toes with surprise elements!

Customize Visuals

Make games stand out visually:


Select pre-made backgrounds and props or upload custom images to establish a theme.


Let students pick custom profile pictures as their avatar. Add your own art as options.


Add thematic icon packs, frames, stickers, and animated gifs.


Change the mouse cursor icon like swords or laser pointers to match themes.

CSS editing

Tweak colors, fonts, and other style elements through CSS code editing.

Visual flair amplifies the experience and brand.

Manage Game Access

Control game visibility:

  • Share read-only links for other teachers to preview games or make copies.
  • Password protect lobbies to limit access.
  • Hide published games from public search listings.
  • Set expiration dates for games to auto-archive.
  • Release games as “unlisted” where only those with direct links can play.

Limit games to your class or publicize quality creations more widely.

Track Game Analytics

Review detailed analytics on games:

  • Class and individual student performance
  • Question success rates
  • Peak engagement times
  • Most difficult concepts or questions
  • Participation and completion data

Analyze trends to refine games.


Mastering Blooket’s advanced creation features helps unlock the full potential for custom learning games. Automating workflows, adding rich enhancements, and leveraging analytics takes creations to the next level.

Whether you’re looking to save time, boost engagement, or increase educational impact, these pro tips will elevate your Blooket game-making to new heights!